Customize Sunrise Hoodie

Customize the text on the front of your T-Shirts or Hoodies…

You can choose to have your Ward Name and Year below the insignia on the sleeve of your t-shirt and the front of your hoodie.

If you would prefer to not have text below the insignia, leave your Ward Name and Year blank.

If you are purchasing Hoodies, you may customize the text differently than your T-Shirts. For example, some groups choose to put their Ward name on their T-Shirts but not on their Hoodies.


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Ward Name
Ward Name

Provide the Start Date of Your Camp…

If you are going to a camp, please select from the list the start date of your camp. PLEASE ALLOW 3 to 4 WEEKS before your start date to ensure your shirts arrive on time!

If you are ordering shirts but not going to a camp, please choose a date on the calendar you would like to receive your shirts, ALLOWING 3 to 4 WEEKS to receive your shirts.

Only choose a custom date if you are not attending a camp but simply want to order shirts or hoodies:

Custom Dateallow 3 to 4 weeks please
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